Bigger Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

Sykes Cottages Modular Stand

When it comes to exhibiting and events, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Large stands can be impressive, but do you really need all that space to reach your marketing goals?
Here are a few points why a smaller stand might be a better solution for you and can make an even bigger impact:

More to spend on marketing.

Large stands can be expensive, and when you spend nearly your entire budget on a large space and stand expenses, you will not have enough left to market effectively to your target audience. Getting a smaller booth means you can spend more on marketing campaigns, email, pre-show and at-show promotions. These efforts will help you drive more traffic to your stand which will result in more leads and sales.

Empty space.

Large stands can make some people feel intimidated. Many exhibitors will tell you that they have seen pretty large stands that haven’t been used to their full potential or where just too big for the size of the show. Empty looking stand with not enough visitors or staff will look lost and unappealing to attendees. There is no point in wasting your money on a big stand if the space will never be used.


Exhibiting is all about generating quality leads. Smaller stands give a great opportunity to interact with everyone that visits the booth. They are a perfect place for intimate conversations and private product demos. You can make sure that you pay attention to all visitors. Group demonstrations can save you time and allow you to communicate with a large group. However, they’re not as effective, and not many people will approach you after to discuss your product further. Smaller audience allows for more intimate engagement.

Number of attendees.

Don’t assume that the show will be as successful as the year before. Do all the necessary research to find out how many people will attend. Assuming the turn out will be greater or even the same as the previous show is not good enough. You might end up having a stand that is too large for the number of people attending. This will result in your stand looking empty and you will spend money on something you don’t need.

Before you blow your budget on a big floor space, consider different ways you can reach your goals and generate leads.
Think carefully about what you want to display and the overall look and feel of your stand. You can browse our portfolio of small stands here.



Legal & General, 5m x 3m exhibition stand at NAPF 2013