Being Unique in the Market – I Am Not a Number!

Firefly custom exhibition stand

Or maybe I am? We at Skyline Whitespace specialise in making unique and outstanding exhibition stands, designed to engage your customers and exclusively tailored to your presentation needs. In this age, standing out and being unique is key, and we have the innovative designs and experience to make that happen. But what does it mean to be ‘unique’ in this age of brands, likes and trends?

What is Unique?

Dutch designer Twan Verdock has taken this concept to the next level, as well as taking a swipe at the conventional fashion industry. Originally exhibiting in New York’s Museum of modern art, Verdock shocked early critics with his satirical take on brands.

His concept was simple. He released plain black shirts, each with a corresponding number. He had number one, his girlfriend number two, and each other shirt had the subsequent number. This was a take on the so called ‘uniqueness’ of exclusive brands that make you pay to be unique by ‘looking the same as someone else’. His reasoning was that the only exclusive thing about this habit was the serial number on the label.

The Message

Verdock claims “universal love, low consumption and unlimited creativity” was his ultimate goal, and he was ambitious to number as many people around the world as possible. He wanted to bring people together and to give them something as simple and ultimately unique as their own number. No matter about race, creed or financial positions; just a number.

It’s a one of a kind, singular token of individuality. So far, he has garnered moderate success as he tries to spread his message around the globe, with over 600 people now part of the program and sharing their stories and experiences.

Four people at a FireFly exhibition stand

Food For Thought

At Skyline, this has made us think hard about what it is to be a unique product. This brings all sorts of ideas to light, such as whether a brand is really unique? Is Verdock’s own creation now not a brand in itself? This in turn makes you ponder the conundrum that is, if are we are all unique, are we just like everyone else?

Ultimately we feel it is people that make products special. After all, what is in a brand name without the people that back it up, the customers and designers alike? As such, we feel we can truly understand how important our customers are, and we can therefore bring this to your exhibitions. Especially designed with customers in mind, these designs are innovative and, more importantly, will engage visitors. Our designs invite our audiences to stay and enjoy what you have to offer.

We Are Skyline!

With a wide range of portable and fixed exhibition stands available for purchase or hire, we are sure we can find something truly unique for you! As a global success, we have the experience and confidence to bring you the very best service! Any questions? Contact us for more information. Our friendly support staff will be happy to help.