Beginner’s guide to exhibition stands

Getting ready for your first exhibition requires a lot of planning and it can be stressful. We have four tips for making your exhibiting experience more enjoyable and most importantly, stress-free:

1. Ask for discounts.

First time exhibitors need to remember that designing and building the exhibition stand is not the only cost they’ll have to face. When creating your exhibiting budget it’s important to count all costs, including stand space, shipping, installation, storage, promotional materials and any additional stand features. You can pay the fixed price for each of these items, but instead ask for discounts. Show organisers will often provide discounts, especially to non-profit companies or if you pay with cash. Don’t be afraid to ask. You never know, they might say yes and you’ll save yourself money that you can spend on different aspects of your stand and its promotion.

2. Build relationships.

Key to success is building relationships. You have probably built strong relationships with your own customers and know that they drive the business. When you become a costumer, it’s important to build a good relationship with your contractor and show organisers. This way you will be the first one they inform of any discounts, special offers and upcoming events. You will have a better chance of getting your dream exhibition space at a lower cost. As you probably know already, simple things like saying thank you after the show and showing your appreciation will go a long way and will help you build a successful business relationship.

3. Watch the deadlines.

Deadlines are important and can blow your budget. If you miss a deadline with your exhibition stand or upcoming show, you could instantly increase your costs. Most show organisers offer early bird and regular prices. Appoint one person from your company to keep an eye on deadlines, create schedules and take charge of planning for and meeting deadlines. If you’re shipping your exhibition stand, make sure you give yourself some extra time in case of delays. It’s also good to consider a local contractor that can easily organise shipping for you at a lower cost. If you’re shipping to USA, don’t forget about material handling, called drayage. This can be quite expensive, so make sure you plan accordingly. You can learn more about exhibiting in the USA and drayage here.

4. Have a Plan B.

Even experienced exhibitors sometimes get stuck for ideas and need help. When you’re attending shows, visit other exhibitors and get inspiration from their booths. Remember to have a plan B, and even C, in case some things don’t go to plan. You may not need to use them, but it’s important to have a back up plan to ensure everything runs smoothly and your exhibiting experience is stress-free.


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