Beat The Competition!

Do you feel like your trade show execution plan still needs some work and can use a little pick-me-up? Many exhibitors think they have mastered their custom or modular exhibition stand, but when they arrive at the show venue, they often realise their competitors were far more strategic.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your marketing and events strategy needs drastic or time-consuming changes.
If you’re ready to command crowd attention and generate new quality leads with your exhibition display, you may just need to add a couple of simple, but very helpful, hints to your strategy. These tips will ensure your exhibition displays grabs the attention of passersby and stands out from the competition:


Build brand recognition

With the potential of your greatest industry competitors exhibiting at the same show, it’s important that your exhibition presence consistently reflects your company and builds brand recognition. Visitors familiar with your company should be able to quickly identify your stand. Achieve this by carefully designing your display graphics, using your brand colours and logo. Your initial contact with a customer should be perfect, so make sure your exhibition stand is the best it can possibly be. No matter the size or type of the promotional event you’re attending, the secret to success is having a clear and professional display to get you noticed.




Announce a new product

Exhibition stands give an excellent opportunity to show off your latest products or services. Use this to launch a new product or unveil an exciting surprise. Pre-show and at-show marketing as well as consistent social media updates are a great way to generate buzz around the announcement.

Host live demonstrations

A great way to draw attention to your exhibition stand, and away from your competitors, is to host demos. Live demonstration on your stand allow to get your products in front of prospects. They let you see their reaction and give you an opportunity to ask for opinions.




Schedule meetings

Let your clients know that you’re attending the show and invite them to come visit your booth. Your exhibition stand can be a great place to hold meetings. It gives your clients an opportunity to meet your team and experience your company’s buzz first-hand.

Offer freebies

Giveaways don’t guarantee new leads, but will definitely encourage attendees to stop by your stand. They create a positive image for your brand and increase traffic. Use this opportunity to chat to your visitors, show them your products and explain services you offer. To attract more attendees, make sure your giveaway is right for your target audience. Make it interesting and different from what everyone else is giving away. If you want to know how to pick a giveaway that will draw the biggest number of visitors to your stand follow our simple tips in the ‘Choosing the right giveaway’ guide.



Have fun

Many exhibitors think they can’t have fun with their trade show display. Of course, it is important for your booth to look informative and professional, but it’s also essential to add a fun element to it. Draw visitors to your stand with interactive games, augmented reality walls, playful floor graphics, simulated sports and other activities. Your exhibition stand should be a delight for customers to see and interact with. Fun games, cool giveaways and interactive engagement help to keep your brand’s name alive in visitors’ memories. Attendees are also more likely to share positive and exciting experiences on social sites, helping you expand your reach.


Here at Skyline Whitespace, we offer all our clients a service that allows them to make the most of trade shows and exhibitions. For more information about our range of products and services please don’t hesitate to contact us today