Around the world in 2 hours

The World Trade Market opened its doors in London ExCel hosting more than 5000 exhibitors and welcoming over 50,000 visitors over 3 days.

This event is unlike any other. As  soon as you step in the hall, you lose all notion of time and space. You immediately feel like you’re traveling around the world – in a few hours! The South halls hosted the various continents of Asia, Africa and Middle East – each being represented by hundreds of stands for entire countries, resorts and travel agencies.

Same thing for the North Halls hosting Europe. The quantity and level of creativity of the stands are staggering. I came across boats, tigers, rain forests, monuments; I was offered tea and wine tasting and various types of food. It’s not only a feast for the eyes and for your palate – but also for the ears. There were many live bands and dancers with the memorable peaceful singing from Vietnam and colourful dancing from Bolivia and India.

The event is mostly targeted to businesses but it is open to the public and it’s free.

Skyline Whitespace were very lucky and proud to be part of this amazing adventure. We designed 4 very different spaces, 2 for travel agencies and 2 for countries. The stands varied a lot in sizes but they all required high creativity and a certain amount of flexibility for reconfigurations for potential future shows.

Fancy a quick world tour? Here are all four designs – Bangladesh, Mauritius, GoEUGo and Gasht Aseman: