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Access All Areas

Exhibition spaces can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Depending on your brand, your purpose and the individual show that you’re attending, you may have a huge range of criteria. The most important, however, is always to make sure that your attendees can access the information or products that you’re offering.

This means that it’s important to think about access to your stand for all individuals – including those who may have disabilities. Naturally, any brand whose target audience specifically includes the disabled will already be thinking about this – but it’s something that every brand should be considering as a high priority.


Pictured: the Activision stand at Gamefest 2011 offered wheelchair access to game demonstrations

Some steps that you can take include:

  • Making sure that your stand doesn’t include unnecessary steps or rises
  • Keeping enough clear floor space for wheelchair manoeuvrability
  • Offering large-print or audio versions of your literature
  • Offering a hearing loop system for seminars or presentations
  • Providing subtitles on video screens
  • Ensuring that any videos you’re screening don’t include inappropriately flashing lights

The size of your exhibition space will have a definite impact on how accessible you can make your stand; if you’re working within a very small area, then you may find it difficult to keep enough of the floor space clear for a wheelchair user to easily manoeuvre through and around it. If this is the case, consider how much of your information you can present to somebody without them needing to go all the way into your stand area, and think about how this aspect might be improved. Keeping the side of your booth open will mean that a wheelchair user can at least move out of the aisle whilst perusing your information.

Staff training can also help to make your stand more accessible; making sure that they’re aware of any potential difficulties that customers may face and that they’re ready to offer appropriate assistance. If you ensure that your staff are also familiar with the access facilities provided by the venue, they’ll be able to provide even better service during the event.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, we can design flexible and effective modular exhibition stands to meet even the most complex criteria. For more information, or to talk to us about your requirements, get in touch with us today.