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8 things everyone needs in their portable exhibition kit

Exhibitions can be a highly effective form of marketing in order to get your brand, products and services noticed by the right people. Not only do they open the door to networking opportunities with industry specific professionals, but they are also a fantastic source of new leads and exposure for your business. This is why exhibitions are ideal for companies of all sizes, but especially start-ups who want to get their company off the ground.

One of the biggest challenges for a small business or start-up is getting noticed, especially if you are at the mercy of budget constraints. Attending a trade show puts you centre stage with hundreds (or potentially thousands) of your target audience all under one roof. It is also the perfect environment to scope out your competition and see what activity they are doing to push sales and increase awareness.

If you’re operating on a smaller scale you may not have the budget to hire stand contractors, so instead you may want to invest in a portable exhibition kit – one you can easily assemble, dismantle and transport to other events.

In this guide, we’ll share the top 10 things that we consider as essentials for your portable exhibition kit.

1. Travel case

First things first, you will need a bag to transport your kit from show to show. Most portable exhibition equipment and pop-up stands will include a carry bag for ease of transportation or they will be available at extra cost. The Portable Display Shop’s Lightboxes are packed away neatly into an easy to transport travel case that conveniently fits into the boot of a car.

2. Back drop

If you’ve hired a shell scheme or small stand space, you can still make your exhibition stand look attractive and eye-catching for visitors. Tube system displays are the perfect promotional backdrop for any event, designed with a fully bespoke graphic suited to your specific branding. They are sure to get you noticed.

3. Customer information point / counter / workstation

Having an information point is a great addition to an exhibition stand of any size, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and encourages people to approach you.

4. Sneeze guard

Sneeze guards are a post Covid-19 exhibition stand essential, as people will most likely be more conscious of health and safety measures implemented on exhibition stands. A great addition is a sneeze guard that acts as a barrier between your staff and visitors.

5. Hand sanitiser station

Citron Hygiene explores the increase in hand washing and sanitisation since the pandemic and apparently ‘’people have admitted to washing their hands far more regularly when out and about, especially before and after dining, visiting communal places and home cleaning.’’ This means people will want to clean their hands more regularly when interacting with people in crowded spaces, so implementing easily accessible hand sanitiser stations around your stand is a must.

6. Roller banner with bespoke graphics

A roller banner with bespoke graphics is the perfect addition to your portable exhibition kit. You’re able to use it as an information point where visitors can learn more about your brand, or as an image to promote your product or service.

7. Literature rack

A simple but highly effective addition to your Lightbox display or portable stand, a literature rack is a seamless way to hold any business cards, business literature or marketing collateral that you intend to share with exhibition prospects.


8. Monitor

People are more inclined to watch content on a screen, so incorporating a monitor into your exhibition stand can be a great way to display your business credentials, website or any other promotional video you have, and will encourage people to stay on your stand for longer. If you have a specific product that is difficult to explain in words, a video could be a great way to communicate with your audience. If you opt for a portable Lightbox display, you will need a monitor bracket kit to ensure your monitor is stable on your stand.

The Portable Display Shop’s Whitebox Lightbox are a great place to start when building out your exhibition kit. If you have any questions get in touch and a member of our friendly team will help you out.